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Tasting some of Swartlands most exclusive wines at Intowine.

A well-integrated, extremely complex and elegantly balanced Cape blend.
Swartland Idelia Cape Blend 2017

Swartland Idelia 2017

What could be better than the first day of #Spring? Umm...hello...a #winetasting on the same day! Yes that's right, after many weeks of anticipation and no #tastings due to #lockdown regulations we are finally able to enjoy them once again, and it couldn't have kicked off better than the one I'm about to share with you. By now you know that I'm big on the #symphony that plays out between the #wine, #venue, and people at a tasting, and this one was once again one for the #blogs. Great #wines, check. Great venue, check. Great people, absolutely! Another thing I'm big on is great wines that bring back fond #memories, and yes we can check that box too. But first, let's set the scene and then dive into the evenings wines.

The Venue - Intowine

"Pretorian Independent Wine Tasting Room and Agency. Building relationships between Boutique Wine Estates, Trade Customers and Consumers." - Intowine, Pretoria.
Pretorian based boutique wine shop.

Intowine Tasting Room

Being arguably one of my all-time #favorite hangout spots, #Intowine is every #winelover's dream store right here in the heart of #PretoriaEast. Wait!... What?... Yes, that's right, the store you see in the image above isn't tucked away in some shadow of #TableMountain that can only be found by word of mouth through some exclusive #wineclub. This store is right here in #Pretoria. Now I don't want to give too much away because I think this venue deserves a #blogpost of its own, but if you've never been there I highly recommend that you give it a visit. Whether you're looking for that next great find, or you just feel like a good #glassofwine with your significant other, they really do have a little something for everyone.

The Wines - Swartland

"In the heart of the Swartland the winery harvests its grapes from wine farms spread out on the hills around Malmesbury." - Swartland, Malmesbury.
Discover the true character and complexity of each variety and the story of its terroir as the wine develops in your glass.
Swartland Wines

Swartland Limited Release Wines

I'm certain that at some point in your life you've heard the saying, "I heard it through the #grapevine", except in this instance, the #vine is more a #bush than what you'd expect, as is the nature of vines grown on the slopes around #Malmesbury. In the words of #Swartland themselves, "Small #berries big #taste!", and with one of these wines easily being in the #top three wines I've #tasted this year, it's safe to say this lineup of wines definitely lives up to that statement. Here they are;

When it comes to #cooperative wines, I've always been a bit on the fence. Most of the time you have no idea where the wine comes from and often there is a sense of mass production that #lingers on your #palate. They are however much cheaper and make for a good backup at the end of a long evening when all the #expensive stuff has run out, and you really don't want to make another run at your private #stash just to please the in-laws. In recent years, however, Swartland moved away from this business model when they became "a private #winecompany with three business units that offer our clients an all-in-one wine #experience". Having said this you'd think this means the return of a sense of #place, #quality, #exclusivity, and #priciness, and you'd be absolutely right - but not entirely. You see while all the wines in the list above definitely show a sense of place, quality, and exclusivity (I mean they all start with #LimitedRelease) they all also have something else in common, an #affordable price tag. So the next time you want to look #fancy by whipping out an odd single #varietal like #Carignan, this is a good place to start #exploring.

Now before I move on to the overall experience of the #evening and wrap things up, there's one wine I'd like to make a fuss about, and that's the #Idelia Cape Blend 2017. This wine is truly something #spectacular! Even now as I sit here at my desk I'm finding it hard to put into words how #elegant and #wellbalanced this wine is. To give you some context of what played in my mind when I first put my #nose in the #glass, let me tell you a quick story. When I was in junior school, one of my teachers had an electric pencil sharpener, and I sat at the front of that class, close to her desk. Every time I needed to sharpen a pencil, I'd simply use hers rather than the little plastic one I had, and I clearly remember how the smell of #pencilshavings would fill the air each time I used it. Now that you have some context, this wine has beautiful #aromas of ripe #darkfruit, #eucalyptus, #spices, and yup you guessed it, the nostalgic smell of #pencilshavings. I just #love it when a wine brings back such fond memories to remind me of my simpler, carefree years as a child.

If you'd like to see my #tastingnotes click here.

The Experience

"Wine and friends are a great blend - Ernest Hemingway."
Brenden Roberts & Lize-Marié Nieman

Editor of Only Wines (Me) & Head of Marketing and Sales for Swartland Wines (Lize-Marié Nieman)

As mentioned at the start, it's been a while since I've had a chance to attend a tasting and this was an #unforgettable way to start. Surrounded by the #warm atmosphere created by shelves of wine, soft #music, and the chatter of fellow #winelovers, I heard it all through the #bushvine, as Lize-Marie presented each wine with care and #passion. Here I was not only able to recall old memories but also #create new ones with new people, something we all took for granted in the past, and now realize just how important those moments are no matter how small. Thank you Lize-Marie (#SwartlandTeam) and the #Intowineteam for an unforgettable evening!

My Pick of The Evening🍷

The Idelia Cape Blend 2017

Written by Brenden Roberts

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