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Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Experiencing top Stellenbosch wines at Safari Wines in Hoedspruit.

The Mackenzie 2016

Ever had a memorable #winetasting? Of course, you have! In my opinion, with the right people, venue and wines it's almost impossible not to. Well, recently I attended one such evening. Except this one was like no other tasting I've been to before. Not only was it deep in the middle of the #Lowveld, miles from any major city or the #Winelands, but they pulled out all the stops when it came to the wines in question for the evening.

The Venue - The Tasting Room

"Bringing the best of the Cape Winelands to the Lowveld" - Safari Wines, Hoedspruit.

The Tasing Room

Wine tastings and venues are just as important as any other pairing when it comes to #wine and can seriously make or break the experience. The two come together in a symphony of music, warm lighting, cheese platters, and the chatter of people over the aromas emanating from their glasses, to create a #sensoryoverload. The Tasting Room at #SafariWines is no exception to this. A relatively new addition to their already stunning #botiquewineshop situated in the quint little town of #Hoedspruit near the #KrugerNationalPark. Whether you are a local through and through or a weekend visitor looking to soak up the wildlife on a #gamedrive, I highly recommend stopping by the shop and the tasting room for an experience you'll not soon forget.

The Wines - Hartenberg

"We are a family-owned wine estate in Stellenbosch offering beautifully crafted wines, delicious lunches and picnics featuring local seasonal produce, tours of our underground cellar and pristine walking trails through 60 hectares of conserved wetlands." - Hartenberg, Stellenbosch

Hartenberg Wines

With three of the evening's wines coming from the #Hartenberg flagship range, I think it's safe to say they pulled out all the stops! I mean just look at this lineup for the evening;

  • Estate Chardonnay 2018

  • The Eleanore 2017

  • Estate Cab Shiraz 2018

  • Doorkeeper SMG 2019

  • The Megan 2016

  • The Mackenzie 2016

Having worked with these wines countless times before you'd think it would be a "been there, done that" kind of scenario, but time and time again they just keep reminding me of how lucky we are in #SouthAfrica. To be able to open an incredible flagship bottle like #TheMackenzie 2016, and not only is it approachable, but you find yourself happily sipping way. No need for a big steak to make it bearable. That's what makes South Africa, in my opinion, the best wine region in the world.

The wines for the evening were a good example of a little something for everyone. Feel like spoiling your significant other with a bottle of chardonnay that tastes like the most exquisite block of butter you can find at #Woolworths, but without having to take a personal loan? Grab a bottle of the Estate #chardonnay. On the flip side, if you really feel like having something special for that next celebration, or you're eagerly looking for your next #winecellar addition, look no further than #TheMegan or #TheMackenzie.

If you'd like to see my #tastingnotes click here.

The Experience

"Life is too short for fake friends and crappy wine."

Owners of Safari Wines (Matt & Evelyn Poole) & Director of Cape Exclusive Wines (Nico Scheepers)

Overall the evening was one for the #blogs, surrounded by good friends from the industry and equally good wines to boot. I look forward to the next evening at The Tasting Room and would like to thank Matt, Evelyn, and Nico for hosting such an incredible evening. Cheers!

My Pick of The Evening🍷

The Hartenberg Estate Cab Shiraz

Written by Brenden Roberts

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